Hey. I'm Jared Adams. I like puppies, tea, and vinyl. I also love design. Sometimes I play bass and wear flannel. I'm also a wizard.

Ever since I first recieved Photoshop and tricked out my Xanga through HTML/CSS when I was 13 I have loved design. I went on to go to Harrisburg Area Community College for my associates in Visual Arts and finished off with a bachelors in Art (Graphic & Interactive Design Concentration) from Millersville University.

I'm always thinking and reading about design, I sometimes dream about it too. I like to find innovative ways to display content on the web, whether it be through responsive design, new CSS3 elements, new jQuery plugins, or whathaveyou. I find myself constantly interested in how a website is designed or could be designed better.

Outside of design, I really love music. I am always listening to music and trying to find new bands that I might like. I spin vinyl frequently and love the experience of listening to music. I also really enjoy finding neat coffee shops, record stores, and cool places of the like in new cities.

I'm big on helping people. I always do whatever I can to help people find solutions whether it be something IT related, design related, or just life in general.

I'd rather be humble and not talk about myself too much, so here's some quotes about me from my friends.

“Jared is energetic and passionate about design and brings with him an arsenal of humor filled ideas”
—Travis Romero

“If I was on a desert island and I had the choice to starve or eat Jared, I wouldn't eat him.”
Kate Whitecomb

My dog Speck

Tools of the Trade

17" 2011 MacBook Pro
Adobe Creative Suite
SublimeText 2
Wacom Bamboo Tablet
iPhone 4
AKG K240 Headphones
X-acto Knife
Moleskine XL Notebook
Various pens and pencils
I host locally via Hosting Raid


Millersville Design
Type Geek
Color Ramps