I'm Jared Adams,
an Interactive Designer.
This is how I do things.

Step 1: Sketching

First I sketch things out. I feel as though the computer hinders creativity in the early stages, so plenty of time is taken to formulate the best possible solution. I keep a few notebooks for various purposes. Music for me is an integral part throughout, but especially in this stage it helps boost creativity. Once the idea is fully flushed out, I begin the prefabrication.

Step 2: Prefabrication

After sketching, I start to create a mix of a style tile and a mock up. I layout basic elements in Photoshop and define a basic style, but keep it fluid to minor changes within the style. Ideation comes inbetween this step and the previous. After I feel as though the pseudo-mock up is complete, I start the production phase.

Step 3: Production

During the production stages, I keep SublimeText 2 and a Chrome window open side by side so I can instantly see the changes I made. I try to keep my code extremely clean and conserve lines of code to prevent extraneous content and keep small files. Eventually, the code is complete.

Step 4: Finished Product

And it's done! Of course every project is different, but this is the usual process that I go through to make a website. But wait!

Now that you've
seen my process,
how about checking
out my work?