Vulcans are a Folk/Americana trio originally from Mechanicsburg, PA. They don't like being called Mumford & Sons.


One of the three members contacted me to do a simple sticker for them. They intended to use the design sold as 1" stickers as well as art on for CDs inside of an older package. Later, it was decided that they wanted to completely redesign their first album, Shadows. Because of another band also called The Vulcans, they were dropping the article and sticking with Vulcans. They wanted to keep within the nature-themed world of folk, so I used typography with an outdoorsy and rugged feel as well as adventured into the woods for photography. With the exception of a band photo, I took and manipulated photos used in the stickers and album art and created hand lettering that was used on stickers and an unused variation of the cover.


Two different stickers were made, dubbed Vista and Creek. They currently sell both in 1" stickers at their shows.


I made two different variations of album art—one with a darker, subdued feel and the other with a vibrant, saturated feel—still retaining the required nature theme. I also reused the hand lettering from the stickers and followed through with the tracklist. They ended up picking the saturated variant and sending it to an external printer of their choice.


A few months after Shadows was reissued, Vulcans came back to me to design their next release; an EP entitled Semaphore. They had gone out for a photo shoot and wanted me to use the photos they took. I color corrected and edited them based on an original Instagram picture one of the members took, and set all of the vital information in various typefaces before settling on Gotham for the final cover. Variations of this project were mainly combinations of photos. I kept everything in a similar style so almost every panel designed could be interchangeable. On top of this, I designed a one page promotional leaflet to send along with the cd to record labels and radio stations for more information on the band.

Both their album Shadows and their EP Semaphore can be found on iTunes, Spotify, or bought as a physical CD at one of their shows.