Designer & Illustrator




Hey, I'm Jared Adams—a designer currently living in Harrisburg, PA. My primary focus is in illustration. In addition, I've had a wide range of experience in print, web, screen printing, and front end development. I believe in efficiency and simplicity in design. Throughout the years I've also been a part of community organizations and groups like AIGA Central PA and PHLDesign.

I keep active outside of professional work by making stickers, pins, shirts, and prints whenever inspiration strikes me. I usually do small runs and sometimes donate the proceeds to a cause I stand behind. In my free time I am usually at a show, at a local bar, or running somewhere.

I'm currently available for smaller scale freelance projects. If you'd like to work together, feel free to reach out.

Agency experience :

Maga Design, Designer
Roda Marketing, Freelance Designer
Inovāt, Design Intern