Jared Adams

AIGA Central PA

My time in AIGA as Communications Chair in 2015 to 2016.


AIGA Central PA

I joined the AIGA Central PA board in 2016 as a Communications Chair.

A college friend & colleague, Bri Piccari had joined the board a year or two before me and asked me to join, because she had just become Vice President, later to become President. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do within the board at first, but I eagerly joined. Shortly after joining I took the position as a Communications Chair to run social media and newsletters, and handle any sort of external communication from the community that would come our way. Since we were a small board, I often did event planning, ticket taking, helping run events, among many other things. Through AIGA, I was able to attend the amazing yearly leadership retreat, visit the New York office and give a short presentation on our chapter, teach the community about icon systems, foster a Slack community, and explore a whole host of other facets of community within the Central PA area.

AIGA taught me about community within design, whether local or national. I worked on a small team that's sole purpose was to create meaningful and insightful programming and initiatives for something bigger than just me. I've carried that attitude throughout my professional career. There are many things I could go into detail about my time with AIGA—below are a few events that I had a major hand in, including designing materials for the event.

Pens & Pints

One of the first things I did as a board member was create a new event teamed up with another board member. We met with Chapter President at a bar early on in our term about what our roles were going to be and what we wanted to do, joking about working on laptops in a bar. I had just gotten into hand lettering a little bit and wanted to work on improving, so we were jokingly talking about making an event where we got together and lettered over drinks. The more we talked about it, the more it sounded like a good idea.

I went home and over the next few weeks I researched some places to potentially hold the event, sketching up some rough ideas for promotional graphics. Eventually we found a place in Lancaster, PA that would serve as a mainstay, although we would move the event around every so often. We started doing the event once a month, and it would come to be something a lot of people looked forward to. Eventually we decreased the frequency, but it was still a staple event.

On top of designing promotional graphics, I made a short run of 1" pins that I would have available at events. I redesigned the promotional graphics towards the end of my term and did another run of pins with that design.

Mikey Burton: A Designy Illustration Keynote

In 2016 I was tasked with organizing our yearly fall keynote. We had thought of asking a few people to come give a talk and workshop, eventually getting ahold of Mikey Burton. 

With the help of a few other members of the board we booked a workshop, keynote, and an afterparty for a whole day of events. Correspondence and booking was split between me and another member of the board, with promotion of the event and design also delegated to me. I created a small system of images that were meant to be cohesive on the website, but differentiate the event enough to be able to recognize each one. We incorporated regular email and social media promotion through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, along with giving Mikey our account for the day to take over our Instagram account.

The day of, the Chapter President and I handled picking him up, chauffeuring him around Lancaster, and making sure that all of his events ran smoothly. After the keynote, we had a Pens & Pints style afterparty to attendees.