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Print Design

Over the years I periodically send out designs to be made into stickers, pins, and prints. I have also done small batches of pins for other people. Most of the time I would give these out at events or sell them on a bigcartel storefront.

Image of a Boss DD-3 pedal sticker on top of a guitarImage of a Boss SD-1 pedal stickerImage of Zvex Super Hard On pedal stickerImage of Boss Space Echo pedal stickerImage of various pins and stickers relating to PHLDesignImage of various pins and stickers relating to PHLDesignPoster that reads PHLDesign meet up 2016Image of a sticker held in a hand that says "don't be a dick" with a smiley faceImage of sticker that says "I can't stand this bar" on a graffiti wallImage of a shirt that says "Harrisburg PA, Not a war zone since forever. Yes it's the capital"Image of 1" pins and pressImage of 3 pins displaying a beer can, beer bottle, and ashtrayImage of a group of stickers that say "no country for old racists"Image of a pin that reads "rappcats" stylized like a black sabbath logo in front of a record label