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Middle state pour over designMiddle state aeropress deisgnMiddle state espresso design

The owner of Middle State Coffee reached out to me after seeing an Aeropress illustration I did and asked me if I would design an artist series for their shop. We chatted about what type of coffee brewers/methods were shop favorites and landed on an Aeropress, a V60 drip brewer, and an espresso portafilter. Keeping in the original style, I illustrated the three methods and they sent them off to be locally printed as stickers to be sold in their shop.

Videos taken by Middle State Coffee and Gears & Grinds Craft Coffee

In addition to the original three designs I later did another three following a pesduo-horror theme, referencing Japanese horror movies and general horror motifs. I utilized custom type and general illustration to complete the design.
Middle state Hausu inspired logoMiddle state zombie hand designMiddle state skate coffin design
Middle State Coffee air freshener instagram post

In 2021, one of the original designs were re-released as an air freshener, so you can smell the sweet tasting notes of coffee on the go without over-caffeinating.