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Communications Chair at AIGA Central PA



Print Design


Social Media

At the start of my position as Communications Chair, myself and some other board members had the idea to start an event where designers could meet, network, and draw in a laid-back environment.

I was responsible for researching venues, creating event graphics, and promoting the event on social media. Initially, Pens & Pints was exclusively held at Tellus360 in Lancaster, PA, but over time it would be held at various other locations in York and Harrisburg to cater to designers who didn’t live in Lancaster. Pens & Pints was held once a month, and it would come to be something a lot of people looked forward to.

Promotional graphics were formatted for Facebook events, Twitter inline images, Instagram posts, and the main site banner.

On top of designing promotional graphics, I made a short run of 1" pins that I would have available at events. I redesigned the promotional graphics towards the end of my term and did another run of pins with that design.

Pens & Pints pin designs

Original and Redesigned buttons

Pens & Pints event banner original designPens & Pints event banner redesign

Original Pens & Pints Branding

Redesigned Pens & Pints branding