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One of the first things I did as a board member was create a new event. Another board member and I met with Chapter President at a bar early on in our term about what our roles were going to be and what we wanted to do, joking about working on laptops in a bar. I had just gotten into hand lettering a little bit and wanted to work on improving, so we were jokingly talking about making an event where we got together and lettered over drinks. The more we talked about it, the more it sounded like a good idea.

I went home and over the next few weeks I researched some places to potentially hold the event, sketching up some rough ideas for promotional graphics. Eventually we found a place in Lancaster, PA that would serve as a mainstay, although we would move the event around every so often. We started doing the event once a month, and it would come to be something a lot of people looked forward to. Eventually we decreased the frequency, but it was still a staple event.

Promotional graphics were formatted for Facebook events, Twitter inline images, Instagram posts, and the main site banner.

On top of designing promotional graphics, I made a short run of 1" pins that I would have available at events. I redesigned the promotional graphics towards the end of my term and did another run of pins with that design.

Original and Redesigned buttons

Original Pens & Pints Branding

Redesigned Pens & Pints branding